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Estelle Dinhofer's Stories and Family Photos Murder of Abraham Kropf
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Itchel & Dora's 46th Anniversary Party & Family Tree

Same with names appended

Henry & Kathe Ohlbaum 1939

Ed & Wendy Ohlbaum 2003

Rinde Family Late 1920s, Przemysl Poland

Kaufmans at Oelbaum Party 1958

Oelbaums at Larry's Bar Mitzvah 1958

William and Rachel Spiegel Late 1940s

Kaufmans Celebrate Minniefest Aug 2003

About 1940

Emil (Mendel) Ohlbaum 1886-1915

  In Oct 2003, Ed Ohlbaum, a relative previously unknown to me, found this website. Ed is the son of Henry and Kathe Ohlbaum, the grandson of Emil (Mendel) and Mathilde Ohlbaum, and the great-grandson of Itchel Oelbaum and his first wife Selde. Ed and I share common great-great grandparents, Yaakov Koppel and Chaia Oelbaum; thus we are third cousins.

For several years, Ed has been recording his personal genealogy and has compiled, in great detail, records of the descendants of Yaakov Koppel Oelbaum. Interestingly, Ed had no information on Gittel Oelbaum Kropf's branch of the family. Since I had records of my branch, we were able to merge our data base gedcom files and now have genealogical data on over 650 related persons.

In addition, Ed was able to scan the historic family photo, shown above, from Itchel and Dora's 46th Wedding Anniversary from 1937. Enlarged copies with names appended are in the gallery above. I'm very anxious to enhance this webpage with additional photos and other information on Oelbaum family history. So, if any Oelbaum family members are able to contribute any family photos or any other data, I'd be happy to post it.

Also, for those of you who are really ambitious, I can supply you will the gedcom file which Ed and I have compiled. It can be read by any of the Family Genealogy programs and can display an extremely impressive Family Tree.

Ed or I can be contacted at the e-mails shown below.

Larry Dec 23, 2003
Larry Kaufman
Ed Ohlbaum